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Ganz Butterscotch Giraffe Sensory Toy

Ganz Butterscotch Giraffe Sensory Toy

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Baby Ganz Butterscotch Giraffe Sensory Toy 12"

This adorable Butterscotch Giraffe sensory toy makes a wonderful baby or toddler gift. This sensory toy has colorful ribbon tags on each side, a green felt leaf on one pay and a wooden ring attached to the other paw. Babies and toddlers will absolutely love the softness of this plush toy. It makes a soft crinkle sound when touched. The neutral tan and white colors make it perfect for boys or girls. It measures 12" x 10".


SIZE: 12"L x 10"W
♥ Super Soft all over
♥ The Giraffe's head is stuffed and the body flat.
♥ Polyester fiber, approved for all ages
♥ Infant Safe with sewn-in eyes

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